Qualitative Fit Testing Services

If you work in an industry where the respiratory health of your employees can suffer from various on-the-job elements, you likely require the use of respirators. But respirators aren’t always foolproof. That’s why National Fit Testing Services offers qualitative fit testing services to businesses in all 50 states. When you need qualitative fit testing (QLFT), reach out to us.

What Is QLFT?

QLFT tests the adequacy of a respirator based on the user’s experience wearing it. This test is pass/fail, and it relies heavily on the respirator user’s senses as they wear the respirator. In a QLFT, we test whether the user is wearing the correct respirator for the job, the correct size for their face, and the efficacy of the respirator.

For instance, if the user can sense a leak in the respirator as they use it, the respirator fails the QLFT. We also test the user’s ability to detect a test agent using taste or smell. The test agents we use are Saccharin and Bitrex, which are safe and OSHA-approved substances for testing.

What Does the Test Entail?

During the QLFT, the user will don the respirator, and we will administer the test agent. Based on the passing or failing of the test, our technicians will also instruct users on basic respirator training. Some of what we instruct includes:

  • Proper donning/doffing
  • Correct maintenance
  • Storage practices

At the conclusion of the test, your employees will be better informed of proper respirator use and care, and you will be aware of the efficacy of your respirators.

Why Choose National Fit Testing Services?

QLFT from National Fit Testing Services is an efficient and simple way to ensure the safety of your employees and the adequacy of your equipment.

When you turn to us for testing, we dispatch our experienced and knowledgeable technicians to your location, no matter where you are in the United States, so you can return to your business — whether you work in the automotive, medical, emergency services, or pharmaceutical industry.

Schedule QLFT today. Call 941-400-6722.